Hi. My name is Reem. I am a shopaholic.

Like most girls, my love for designer brands started at an early age, which soon turned into an addiction. But it wasn't until my twenties, whilst living in Dubai and not being able to fit any more Louis Vuitton clothes in my closet, that I knew I needed to become a conscious consumer.

Growing up in an environmentally conscious family, the idea of recycling and reusing came naturally. Extending the lifespan of a quality product is the essence of what a luxury item gives you. My goal was to popularise recycling and reusing when it comes to fashion, but I was at a loss when it came to sell my used designer handbags. I wondered – "How many other shopaholics were there in Dubai that wanted to repurpose their used designer handbags and luxury clothes? Why could I sell a used car, but not fashion, even though some items cost more than a car?"

Having already spent several years living in Dubai, I loved its vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The genuine warmth and generosity of the community gave me the idea and courage to open a designer resale boutique. And with that thought, I opened Reems Closet in 2008.

My first designer resale boutique

The response was amazing. We made headlines in the Gulf News and The National News. Reems Closet soon became known as one of the UAE's "hidden retail treasures" and the "old curiosity shop."

Since then, we've continued to flourish as Dubai’s first and most well-known designer resale boutique for luxury consignment. We now boast two landmark stores in Dubai and an online store and app. With over 5000 people regularly selling, buying and trading with us, our community that loves authentic pre-loved designer brands as much as we do, continues to grow rapidly. Not to boast, but we even have ladies from Harper's Bazaar Arabia whom love to frequent our store. 

Our success comes down to the simple fact that we believe in perfecting the art of reselling authentic luxury brands at reasonable prices. That is, we showcase that "special something" for everyone at the "right price." 

Luxury consignment online

It's no surprise that I took my time to take Reems Closet online. For starters, we were always busy with our community of loyal shoppers, who love the overall experience of shopping in-store. However, I soon realised that my community wanted the flexibility of browsing and buying online, so I took the plunge, and here I am talking to you from our integrated e-commerce website.

And at the beginning of 2022, we launched the Reems Closet app to make it even easier for our shoppers to find must-have second hand designer bags for their wardrobes.

I encourage you to go on a ‘closet detox’ and join the conscious consumer movement. To get the ball rolling, visit Sell. Consign. Trade.