Authenticity Guaranteed


At Reems Closet, we have a passion for fashion and we know that having confidence that your new piece is an original authentic item is of the utmost importance. We have been trading pre-loved designer items since 2008 and our senior authenticity experts have over 30 years experience at identifying the luxury brands that we sell.

  1. All Sellers / Consigners are required to create a store account using their official UAE ID (a Passport may be used in certain circumstances) and sign a legal contract prior to their items being reviewed for sale.
  2. Items are authenticated using some of the following methods, depending on what is appropriate for the category.
    1. Original receipt / Certificate
    2. Serial number
    3. Date codes
    4. Microchip scanning
    5. Hallmark details
    6. Brand labels
    7. Hardware
    8. Stitching
    9. Decoration details
    10. Leather / Fabric quality
    11. Craftsmanship
    12. Stamping / Packaging.
  3. To ensure authenticity, we may enlist the services of official agents of the relevant designers brands. If we find items of questionable authenticity, we are legally required to notify the relevant authority.