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How to Sell with us

Rehoming your items

Do you want to find a new home for your gently used items? Perhaps you want to recover the cost of an impulse buy? We can help. At Reem's Closet we offer 3 options

* Before you bring in your pieces, ensure they are clean with no marks or scratches.

* Be prepared to guarantee the authenticity of your pieces. We pride ourselves on dealing only with authentic pieces and may enlist the services of agents of the relevant brands to assist. If we find items are not authentic we supply the details to the relevant authorities.

* A contract of agreement must be completed before your item can be sold. To process your contract. For UAE residents, please bring your Emirates ID. For others, please bring you passport. 

Sell to Us

-Make an Appointment

-Bring your items to Reem’s Closet so they can be viewed. 

(Don’t forget to bring an official form of identification such as Emirates ID)

-Reem’s Closet will offer you a price for your designer items.

-If the price is acceptable to you and is agreed by both parties, you will be asked to complete a Purchase Agreement.

-On the Purchase Agreement, you must guarantee the authenticity of your items When Reem’s Closet receives your items, you will receive payment by cheque.

Consign with Us

This option offers you the potential to earn a higher amount for your items.

  1. Make an appointment
  2. Bring your items to Reem’s Closet so they can be viewed (Don’t forget to bring an official form of identification such as Emirates ID)
  3. We will help you determine a realistic price for your designer items
  4. When we receive your items, you will be asked to complete a Consignment Contract
  5. On the Consignment Contract, you must guarantee the authenticity of your items
  6. Your items will be processed and ready for sale within 7-10 days (Processing involves labeling and creating stock codes)
  7. If your items sell, you can expect to receive the agreed upon amount within 14 days
  8. You will receive your payment by cheque

Consignment Contracts are valid for two (2) calendar Months. Upon expiry of the contract you may choose to renew the contract at a newly agreed upon price, or collect your items within 14 days.

Bring Us your Items

After you’ve decided what pieces you are ready to part with, make an appointment with us and we can get ready.

When your appointment is confirmed please bring your items plus any of the following pieces of identification;

UAE Driver’s License

UAE Identity Card



We pride ourselves on dealing in only authentic pieces. To ensure authenticity we enlist the services of official agents of the relevant designer’s brands. If we find items of questionable authenticity, we are legally obliged to forward details to the relevant authority.

How To Find Us

Dubai’s prime destination for fashionistas who love a bargain…

Reem’s Closet is located in Mazaya shopping centre in Downtown Dubai between The Dubai Mall and City Walk.