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Tips for your Designer Handbags

We love designer handbags and you're reading this, so I assume you do too! When you love something, you want it to last and your handbags are no exception. So what can we do? Use it less? Is this really an option we want to consider? Use your handbags – isn’t that what you bought them for! There are many tips that you can do to help maintain the shape and condition of your handbags. We will cover some of them below.

Being in the designer fashion consignment business we’ve seen thousands upon thousands of pre-loved luxury handbags in all types of condition. From As New to Lovingly Used. Often we receive the same bag from different consignors in varying conditions.

When looking at pre-loved handbags, first consideration is given to the shape, followed by the condition of the material, and then smell, which may sound strange, not something most people think about.

Shape – stuff it

This is key to keeping a designer handbag in tip-top shape. Don’t overstuff it as this can distort the shape. We found over the years that simply stuffing a bag with air-filled cushions or a bag pillow is the perfect solution in maintaining the structure and shape. As we stuff a lot of different size bags, air filled cushions are easy as you can use as much or as little as you need for the size.

Did you know that we do all our own photographs on site for handbags that we offer for sale? To achieve a great structure and shape for photos, we often use customised pillows by Bag Pillow.

These are a perfect storage solution for your personal collection of luxury handbags. Especially when you’ve invested so much, it’s worth spending a little on something that will help keep your designer baby in tip-top shape.

Bag Pillow was created by Daniela Espinheira, an avid handbag lover, who struggled to find premium storage and care solutions for her own handbag collection. Being of entrepreneurial spirit, she decided to go ahead and create her own solution. The classic collection has been purposely crafted to accurately accommodate handbag shapes of Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Christian Dior and many more.

Leather – wipe it

It only takes a minute. Remove all contents and wipe the exterior of the bag with a leather wipe* or if you don’t have any, a damp cotton cloth* will do. For suede, invest in a nice soft suede brush. Is the leather looking a little dry or worn out? Specific leather moisturisers are available for handbags from beeswax base to cream cleaners. After all, leather is skin and we all need a little moisture sometimes.

*Always test a product first on a hidden part of the bag.

Storage – like a queen

There are many things to consider as to what your options are for storing luxury handbags. What kind of climate do you live in? Bags would be happier in a cooler climate with no humidity.

If you like to showcase your bags, make sure you have LED lights and no direct sunlight. Behind a glass door or on open display, regular dusting with an old-fashioned feather duster is ideal. If you prefer to keep them covered, use the original dust covers that the luxury brands provide. In lieu of a dust cover, use a breathable, 100% cotton fabric* such as a pillowcase that has ample room for the handbag to fit inside without distorting the shape. 

*Storing a handbag in a way that the material is not able to breath well can be the cause of a musky smell. 

How about the position of the bag? Upright or lying down? It really depends on the weight of the hardware. Hanging hardware such as locks should always be removed and placed in its dust cover and placed inside the bag. And keep some space between the handbags to prevent marks or colour transfer, especially important for patent leather.

We hope you find these tips helpful in caring for your designer handbags.

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